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UGA Students Would Rather Be Hit By Car Than Take Finals

I spent last night, the night before my last two final exams, in the typical fashion of a college student, cramming every last bit of information from a semester’s worth of notes into my brain. And of course that came with an ample amount of “break time,” also known as mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, Twitter and random websites on the Internet.

And that brings us to the job section of Craigslist, where I found this little gem: Two University of Georgia students seeking someone to run them over with a car. However, they clearly state that they don’t want to die, they just want to be “injured enough” to have a valid excuse to not take their final exams. They round off their request with, “Please do not kill.”

I feel like more Craigslist posts should end with that.

And the compensation they were offering for this “job”?

I wonder if this is what Mayor Nancy Denson was talking about when she said, “A lot of girls don’t know what’s appropriate.” But I also wonder—if someone actually answered this Craigslist ad—do we blame the person who runs them over or the girls for wanting to be run over?