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Drunken Mayhem: UGA-North Texas Weekend

Last Call for Physical Altercations

A man was asked to leave Magnolia’s on Saturday night, and as he was leaving he was cursing the staff. His friends tried to escort him away from the bar, but after three attempts to break free of their grasp, he ran back across the street to shove the Magnolia’s employee standing at the entrance. And he was arrested, obviously.

Here’s a Tip: Don’t Steal!

A man got caught with his hand in the Flanagan’s tip jar. After taking some money, he went next door to The Bury. Police caught up with him after a Flanagan’s employee pointed out the offender and said there was video of the crime. The man admitted to taking the money and pulled $7 from his pocket. When asked where the rest of it was, he said he gave it to another Flanagan’s employee.

In Your Face Applause

An officer noticed a shouting match that turned physical while on patrol in downtown Athens. He went to break it up and ordered everyone to leave the scene, but one guy did not comply. He became more “vocal and animated by clapping his hands in the face of passing patrons” and also started yelling louder and jumping up and down. After another directive by police to leave the area went unheeded, the man was arrested and taken to jail.

Cross-eyed Walk

A man and woman were stumbling down the sidewalk on Martin Luther King Parkway early Sunday morning. They left the concrete pathway, opting for the beaten trail across the street. The woman tripped, fell into the road and started bleeding from a cut on her leg. An officer who observed this began asking questions and because the woman refused to cooperate, she was charged with being a pedestrian under the influence.

All information taken from Athens-Clarke County police reports.