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Brother Mary: Immolate! EP Review

(Independent Release) As the electro-dream-pop act Brother Mary, Ivano Milo expresses heavy realizations of love, addiction and mental illness through carefully crafted beats. Immolate! is a visceral, drowned-out experience. Milo creates a world for each song, utilizing different sets of instruments and sampled sounds.

Standout track “Kintsugi” highlights Milo’s technique and finesse, with soft fuzz breaking the song up into thematic sections that hinge on his every word. And there are reasons to listen to the lyrics. “Ashes” cleverly teases religious imagery with lines such as “You’re a crucifix written on the walls with lipstick,” while communicating a much heavier message: “I miss you.”

As a first release, Immolate! is fresh, all-consuming and relatable. Intricate and slightly dark, the EP is a vulnerable and honest experiment in kintsugi, the Japanese art of repair and rebirth that involves mending broken things with gold.