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Trip Lacy: Sex Cells EP Review

(Independent Release) Trip Lacy is the “sexy bedroom-pop” alter-ego of Big Morgan drummer Kip Lacy. His debut EP, Sex Cells, is a collection of goofy, low-budget R&B songs that, despite its various shortcomings, ends up being a rather competent release.

For a first-time singer, Lacy has a decent grasp on how to work his way around a melody, and it’s clear he knows how to construct a good flow when he interjects the occasional rap verse. However, his vocal range is limited, and his whispery delivery sounds like he recorded the music while trying not to wake up his roommates.

Lyrically, Lacy presents himself as an affable, confident guy who is nevertheless plagued by loneliness. His wordplay is often clever, like on “Hit Me Up,” where a reference to Mims’ ringtone-rap hit “This Is Why I’m Hot” is reinterpreted to lament the lack of AC in Lacy’s room. In other moments, like on the Weird Al-aping “House = Hotel ?”, Lacy’s lyrics are cringe-worthy to the point of being unappealing.

What Lacy lacks in lyrical and vocal skill, he makes up for with his excellent production. The EP’s beats are exceptional. Heavy synths, distorted vocal samples and even some mainstream-EDM-style drops give Sex Cells a distinguishable and exciting identity. Though Lacy’s ambition currently outpaces his overall ability, he could easily improve over time into something great.