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Maserati: Rehumanizer Review

(Temporary Residence Ltd.) On its eighth full-length release, Rehumanizer, Maserati continues expanding its musical palette beyond post-rock instrumentals. The end result is multilayered songs made possible by each member’s years of digging through record crates for psychedelic and space-rock gems.

Half of the six-track album—the two-part title track and “Montes Jura”—furthers the group’s 15-year legacy of psychedelic post-rock. “Montes Jura” is particularly great, utilizing Giorgio Moroder-style synths to create something that could pass as a ‘80s film-soundtrack deep cut.

Those songs are all solid in their own right, but it’s the three harder-to-define tracks that make Rehumanizer vital. The wordless, 10-minute short story “No Cave” is one of the strongest examples to date of Maserati incorporating both space-rock and electronic elements into a multifaceted jam. “End of Man” furthers the electronic quotient, an upbeat dance track voiced by artificial intelligence. (The latter song could become a dance hit overseas if it falls into the right DJ’s hands.) While vocals act as a distorted instrument on “End of Man,” they are clear as day on “Living Cell,” an excellent example of subdued stoner-rock.