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Quiet Evenings: Other Windows Review

Sometimes drone sets work, and sometimes they don’t. Often, success depends on how long an audience is willing to stand motionless on a concrete floor. But magic is as magic does, someone once said, and when Quiet Evenings played Go Bar a few months back, they froze time for 30 minutes. 

The local duo has been churning out tapes for years for various labels around the globe, but the recent Other Window bears the stamp of their own Hooker Vision label. Each side is a self-contained biosphere, turning through a 12-hour cycle. The listener’s mind is free to wander, hang above the earth and slip into parallel planes of pure ether.

On “Tangled Garden,” a slow drip of light penetrates a coiled forest floor, drifting slowly, until menacing cellos cleave through the ascent and shade the view. “Beach Coil,” on the other hand, progresses from churning grey seas to rocky beach shore, with skies overcast and a great oval shadow creeping slowly over the ground. 

Those who skim the surface may find Quiet Evenings static; sink into each side, though, and changes unfurl, as massive clouds change shape for the vigilant eye. Highly recommended for anyone who prefers Boards of Canada without the beat, or any other music that opens doors to uncharted worlds.


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