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Easter Island: Frightened

Frightened benefits from Easter Island’s diverse talents, which range from pop-smooth sensibilities to powerful punk drumming; soaring guitar work to heart-wrenching vocals.

“You Don’t Have a Choice” is a look at uncertainty that evokes all the times you’ve been in a corner, thinking about what to do—and wondering whether you really have a choice. That theme continues throughout the album, an ongoing glance into a world where no one seems to know what comes next.

At least the soundtrack is comforting. The best way to describe Easter Island’s music is with a lengthy string of adjectives, mostly synonyms for “incredibly majestic.” Here are 14 apt descriptors: sweeping, bold, ethereal, lush, driving, haunting, commanding, dreamy, layered, methodical, atmospheric, triumphant, glassy and lovely. In the end, the best way to describe Frightened is, simply, damn near perfect.