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I don’t get a lot of emails at my address (hint hint), but occasionally I do get reader feedback, as with this email from Carl Hoveland, who writes:

We on the Eastside  are getting covered up with more sandwich joints, recently getting Firehouse Subs and Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches.  In your reviews of sub sandwich joints, you have skipped the best place and best value subs in Athens: Publix Supermarket. They use top quality meats and cheeses, high quality breads, and have a wide array of condiments and other stuff to add as you wish. You can take them home or eat them with soft drinks for purchase there sitting at tables just outside in the shade.  Best deal in town!

He’s right! Publix makes a reliably delicious and inexpensive sub, even the ones that are premade and sit in a refrigerated case for you to pick up in a hurry. They’re compact, the bread is great (neither squishy nor prone to poke you in the roof of the mouth), the ingredients are flavorful and you can pick up milk and bananas at the same time. Publix subs aren’t exactly a secret, but they deserve a little public commendation from Grub Notes. Look for a review of Firehouse Subs coming soon, too.