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I know a lot of people in Athens are too young to remember MTV’s illustrious “120 Minutes,” that Sunday night romp devoted entirely to ’80s and ’90s underground-ish rock that would have been mostly ignored by the coveted Buzz Bin and had its heart broken by Alternative Nation. (So many anachronisms, I know, but please bear with me.) For those of you who do remember the days of music television, the following analogy won’t be hard to grasp: the new Japandroids record, Post-Nothing, is largely the entire “120 Minutes” repertoire wrapped up in an overly reverb-filled nut shell. For those left scratching their heads, listen up. Sub Pop, Merge, Matt Pinfield. Research those terms. While you’re at it, see if Superchunk has a MySpace page. Use Google to find a site dedicated to the defunct Velocity Girl. Download those MP3s. If you like what you hear, Post-Nothing just might be the record for you. Keep in mind, though, that the early- to mid-’90s were a special time in rock and roll, and Japandroids only have a gift for mimicry. You’ve been warned.