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Dex Romweber Duo

One thing you can admire about Dex Romweber is his consistency. Without fail, each record he releases provides a crash course in various American music traditions coupled with a sense of backwoods revivalism, resulting in something akin to homegrown revisionist history. It’s not Jesus who saves your soul – it’s Dex Romweber. But then who saves his soul? His records also point toward a man full of demons, a man who builds himself up just so he can tear himself back down.

All of these things are present on Ruins of Berlin. However, there’s a new quality here that might throw off traditional fans: For once, Dex Romweber sounds like he’s finally gaining on the stability required to launch a full-on assault on the internal forces that plague him. With his smooth-as-ever baritone and drummer sis Sara by his side, he sounds as if he’s ready to let himself be.

But don’t take that to mean he can’t still shake things up. If one thing’s for certain, it’s that those Romwebers know how to rock a joint. Whether hitting the surf rock or reworking old Hollywood standards, this sibling team careens off each other at such a natural pace you can’t help but let them take you to their world even for just a moment. And when darkness descends – and it does – they’re both there to lead you through it – Dex Romweber as savior and now seasoned guide. If he’s never allowed himself to feel proud, he should now.

The Dex Romweber Duo will play the Star Bar in Atlanta on Friday, Mar. 13.