Get to Know: Niki Neiconi

Photo Credit: Niki Neiconi/SoundCloud

This post is part of a series spotlighting some of Athens’ up-and-coming women musicians. 

Name: Niki Neiconi

Genre: Acoustic pop

About: UGA student Neiconi recently began her solo career as a singer-songwriter. After playing in church bands for years, she decided it was time to take on a project that is completely her own. 

Neiconi says her biggest inspirations are Coldplay, Vance Joy and the Beatles, and her sound reflects all three simultaneously. “I’ve always loved music, and pop has always been my go-to,” she says. “I want to write something meaningful that people can relate to.” 

As a woman in Athens music, Neiconi says she feels misrepresented. She says she wants those who listen to her music to treat her like anyone else in the scene.

“I look around when I play shows and see mostly guys, and I worry about how that’s going to play out for me in the future,” Neiconi said. “I want people to see a musician when they look at me, instead of just a girl.” 

Above all, Neiconi wants to be respected for remaining who she is. She says that no matter what, she wants her music to be something other people can relate to. “To know that people see my music as a genuine reflection of myself, that’s what will make me feel happy and successful,” Neiconi says. 

Niki Neiconi’s music can be found here, and her first EP, UN1, is set to be released next month. The EP will be available on iTunes and Spotify.