Blake Reviews Gabe’s Top 10: Fennesz, Bécs

In one corner: Flagpole Music Editor Gabe Vodicka, itching to unleash his list of Top 10 non-local albums of the year onto a probably-suspecting public. In the other corner: News Editor Blake Aued, a new father whose awareness of 2014 music is limited to “Shake It Off” and Pharrell’s giant hat. From Dec. 22–31, Gabe will count down his list, and Blake will review each album in response.

3. Fennesz: Bécs

Gabe: There’s a parallel here with Morning Phase in that both albums were initially pegged as lesser rehashes of their creators’ career highlights. But that particular criticism did not hold up under scrutiny in either case. Bécs was no Endless Summer, pt. 2, though it shared some obvious traits with that masterpiece; there was a clear-eyed ebullience to the newer record that set it apart from its predecessor’s stoned wonder.

Blake: Are you sure you have the right year’s list? Because back in high school, The Nature Store at the mall used to play this on repeat.

Gabe’s Top 10, so far:

10. Aphex Twin: Syro
9. Chris Forsyth and the Solar Motel Band: Intensity Ghost
8. Daniel Lanois: Flesh and Machine
7. Freddie Gibbs & Madlib: Piñata
6. Against Me!: Transgender Dysphoria Blues
5. Beck: Morning Phase
4. Deerhoof: La Isla Bonita
 Fennesz: Bécs