Blake Reviews Gabe’s Top 10, No. 3: Ryley Walker, Primrose Green

From now until Dec. 30, music editor Gabe Vodicka will reveal his top 10 (non-local) albums of 2015, and news editor Blake Aued (along with his 17-month-old daughter, Iris) will review each selection in response.

3. Ryley Walker: Primrose Green

Gabe: A mischievous youngster with a big voice and a crate full of old British psych-folk records, Walker unleashed a fresh, furious album that leaned heavily on his Chicago-based backing band’s avant-jazz pedigree but allowed his deceptively wizened voice to shine most brightly.

Blake: This is what I imagine Lindsey Buckingham might have done if he’d gotten off the blow and started doing massive amounts of peyote. It may be the most “Gabe” song ever.

Iris: “Book. Book.” She likes books! Is she saying she likes this as much as books? Or she wants me to turn it off and read to her. I’ll split the difference. Two milks out of four.