Blake Reviews Gabe’s Top 10, No. 4: The Weather Station, Loyalty

From now until Dec. 30, music editor Gabe Vodicka will reveal his top 10 (non-local) albums of 2015, and news editor Blake Aued (along with his 17-month-old daughter, Iris) will review each selection in response.

4. The Weather Station: Loyalty

Gabe: On paper, singer-songwriter Tamara Lindeman is just another modern folkie strummin’ and drummin’ merrily along. But her bright, animated arrangements and vivid, Bill Callahan-esque lyricism easily transcend the “Americana” trap. (Plus, she’s Canadian.) This one snuck up on me near the end of the year, and I’m glad it did.

Blake: The song is pretty, if a bit nondescript. I can definitely relate to the video. 

Iris: “All done!” I’m not sure whether she’s referring to this song or her bowl of peaches, but assuming it’s the former, zero milks out of four.