Video: Versatyle tha Wildchyld, Past and Present

Watch part one here.

Anthony Little, aka Versatyle tha Wildchyld, likes to keep things close. “I stick with my family,” Little says. “The people that I trust… At the end of the day, I’m going to stay that way.” 

Part two of this three-part series explores Little’s formative years until present day, starting with how he met local hip hop aficionado Montu Miller, one of the founding members of a community-based social group called Dreaded Mindz, where Little honed his musical career and community values. Little broke off from Dreaded Mindz and linked up with Matt McClure, from McClure Entertainment Group. And Miller created a separate group, AthFactor Entertainment, while Dreaded Mindz, or DMZ, has taken the back burner.

Little also talks about more recent ventures, like creating his Georgia Bulldogs anthem, “Southern Flavor,” produced by McClure in September 2013.  

After breaking off from McClure, Little began building his own empire, The Wild Wolf Pack. Delving into the group’s origin, Little gives insight into his intentions for taking younger lyricists and rappers under his wing. Little talks about his creative process and how he mentors members of his pack to “tell the truth” in their writing.

“If I hear a beat,” Little says, “and it doesn’t touch me in some type of way, whether it’s crunk, or exciting, or sorrowful… or something really deep, then I don’t deal with it.”