Mixtape Wednesday: Dr. Maz, Branko, Your Body and More

With .ext e n s i o n, Homedrone reaches deep into the Internet to map electronic sight and sound.

Each Tuesday, I drive around delivering this humble rag and I pick out a handful of mixes to listen to on my way. On Wednesday, I’ll post them here. [Ed. note: Yeah, it’s Thursday. Whoops.] Sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re bad. Sometimes they’re new, sometimes they’re old, but these are the ones that get me rollin’ on that route.

As always, Nich Mang Duplex and I are irresponsibly marking anything that momentarily catches our fancy over on SoundCloud.

Dr. Maz – Rinse FM, Hessle Audio Show (5/12/13)

This whole block is nice, but I am and have been specifically stoked on the first half—Dr. Maz’ nonchalant dancehall set (up to 1:04:00). Not to mention the rare and beautiful Charles Cohen track that is unfortunately spoken over in the introduction. This mix is wonderful and so great for these summer times. Maz flips variations and alternate takes on great riddims up next to each other in a confident, fluid, and never over-thought flow. Classic dancehall style, strange and wonderful emcees from a wide range of time, and the straight joy of ragga. This is how you beat the heat.

DJ Your Body – DYSSEMBLER #25 Part 2 (4/28/14)

Yaaas. The life-affirming splendor of great records. Who cares what they are or how they relate? How do you relate? It sounds like it was a beautiful day in Berlin this Monday. Your Body imagines you sunning on the balcony, soaking up solutions to your struggles by letting them float through Your Mind unattended. With classy moves and deep vibes, your cool guide rides you through time on a waterbed with wheels.  Real hip-hop, dancehall, juke, jungle, fuckin’ Tim Buckley, whatever. Find some summer to play this in.

Branko – UNLISTED.023: Seguir O Instinto (6/7/14)

“While everyone’s currently trying to hop on the Brazilian bandwagon because of the world cup I felt like putting together some songs that correspond to my vision of what’s going on with Brazilian urban music at the moment, but I also wanted to showcase my usual interplanetary global dance music connection, so I tried to find a way to make it all fit into 30 minutes. Full of exclusives. Get naked, grab a coconut water and enjoy!” —Branko

CHAi-t – //.QUARANTINE MIX (6/10/14)

This shit is out of control. Chai-T is artist Ryan Gregory Peacock’s hardstyle vomit blog/DJ alias. These micro-mixes are facefucking a c i d and s p r inkles trips through heavy, relentless, hand-touched visions of what could be if we all gave up sleep in the name of peace. Quarantine, mixed for Chicago party #AREA69, is in fact one of his more soothing affairs…

iLL TARIQ – MixCrushMonday (6/9/14)

Into the night… This mix by Tarik takes and gives a lot of easing-into. Brilliant texture and atmosphere are revealed over the course of these quantum-scale 20 minutes. Things really heat up in the second half of the mix, when more juke is introduced. Here, Tarik shows some of the most creative rearrangements of tracks and melodies I thought would never be tamed from their aggressive roots—or never thought to. Which isn’t to say that he doesn’t let them be eventually; in fact, they shine even darker and even deeper. Highlights include cathartic Death Grips and Munchi footwork freakouts.

Yung Yang – Tokyo Grift (3/5/14)

This mix (among other things) by yours truly failed to fetch a month’s free living in Tokyo, but I still think it sounds pretty fun.  ::)