Mixtape Wednesday: Physical Therapy, DJ/Rupture, Distal and More

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Photo Credit: Xabi Tudela


Each Tuesday, I drive around delivering this humble rag and I pick out a handful of mixes to listen to on my way. Each Wednesday, I’ll post them here. Sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re bad. Sometimes they’re new, sometimes they’re old, but these are the ones that get me rollin’ on that route.

As always, Nich Mang Duplex and I are irresponsibly marking anything that momentarily catches our fancy over on SoundCloud.

These first two editions will be dubbel dose, ’cause I have been hearing some great stuff that will really set your summer off if you let it. Set some bookmarks if you dig! I’ll try to focus on sets available for download; visit individual pages for more info.

Physical Therapy – This Mix is 4 U (9/27/12)

Exclusive Physical Therapy Mix by Dazed on Mixcloud

Let’s start here; DnB is always the best wind-up. This mix uses classic, rave-whistle drum edits to frame boyband pastiche, scream-at-the-top-of-your-lungs pop, forgotten R&B heartstrings, deep hip hop (new and old), a singular sense of vision and pure JOI. Feel the cool sand vibrate between your sweaty toes and get deep down at this ’94 rave-without-a-date. Physical Therapy is one of my all-time favorite j’s, and this mix was new to me. Totally timeless.

DJ/Rupture – Change the Mood (8/17/12)

What’s up with 2012 right now? Keep the vibe going (by switching it up) with this old /Rupture mix. He’s a big name and shit, but maybe u don’t know that Jace Clayton is a bright fucking mind—consistently classic, imminently insightful and freakin’ fresh. There is no true reason to choose this over any of the other mixes and essays he has over at, but I did. Jam on thru Lauryn Hill, classic dub, Southern (hemisphere?) rap, Deeon, 3ball? and some Egyptian trax. We’re startin’ to get dark, and he’s “laughin at you, but it ain’t funny.”

Distal – Mexico City promo AKA JAM003 (5/22/14)

Alright, flash forward to ATLien Distal with this promo mix for his Mexican tour. It opens with a show-stopping track by Atlanta native Young Thug, and jumps deep into the world of heavy machinery from there. If you wana get real, let Michael Rathburn slap you around a big fucking room for a little while. Some of the best spots are his own productions, and we’d be wise to make better use of being in such close proximity to this maestro.

The Punishment of Luxury – LIL DNCHLL MX (5/4/14)

This juicy, pussy-powered lil’ thang is seven minutes of cryptic, current, dancehall heaven that opens with a disembodied Miley Cyrus line. Fuck you, this shit is awesome. The Punishment of Luxury is a Leeds, UK-based, PC Music cohort and 1970s post-punk outfit from Newcastle(?). Who knows, I wouldn’t put anything past or dare plug the creative fountain that is flowing from this squad right now.

Rinse FM – dis Magazine Special 1 (5/29/14)

Speaking of these guys, let’s take it deeper and explode our minds, please. Two f u l l y stimulating, radio-quality HOURS of love. This has everything right now. Lush, ethereal textures, more dancehall, a set of radio plays by (?) GFOTY (?!), arts on arts on farts. Dear PC Music, help me to stop thinking about art as capital but to inform capital with art. To wish not of betting on you like a race horse but to absorb your Joi like a lizard in the sun and shine from My Own Zone. Palmistry, A.G. Cook, Felicita, Soda Plains, Warlord, VesperTown, Maxo,  our host Finn Diesel and everything you never knew you wanted.