Mixtape Wednesday: Slipmatt, Zora Jones, Forever Traxx and More

With .ext e n s i o n, Homedrone reaches deep into the Internet to map electronic sight and sound.

Each Tuesday, I drive around delivering this humble rag and I pick out a handful of mixes to listen to on my way. On Wednesday, I’ll post them here. Sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re bad. Sometimes they’re new, sometimes they’re old, but these are the ones that get me rollin’ on that route.

As always, Nich Mang Duplex and I are irresponsibly marking anything that momentarily catches our fancy over on SoundCloud.

Zora Jones – Minimix for NRK P3 Radio (2/25/13)

Spanish juke queen (yes, really) Zora Jones unleashes a blazing footwork set on Norwegian radio waves. Her creative and intensely infectious flow elevates the replay value on this one to soaring heights. Lots of Teklife, a few older Chicago tracks and some beautiful edits lie within.

Slipmatt – Helter Skelter ’94 (11/25/94)

This is a room recording of a performance at the legendary UK rave, Helter Skelter. Helter Skelter threw huge parties for 3,000–9,000 attendees at the storied Sanctuary Music Park in Milton Keynes. The positive energy contained on this set ripped from cassette is absolutely through the roof. This is a truly classic and transportive affair with a live MC (who I can unfortunately not identify). In quiet moments, you can actually hear the sound of a thousand whistles and horns blowing in the room. The feeling is absolutely joyous, and the set is incredible. The best that jungle and happy hardcore had to offer at their peak. Put it on absolutely any time and let it fade into your life.

DjP4r1sL4dy – Chill teamix (7/22/13)

Relaaax to this blissful set by this mysterious woman. Cushy, ethereal edits of radio RnB feed your body just what it needs. *Nsync, Rick Ross, Beyonce, Ciara, Janet, JoJo, Craig David, Busta, TLC… Hella babies were conceived on 7/22/13. A nice, forward-looking palate complements the sensual tones. The mix was done for intriguing German energy drink/art project Mayhem4ever.


Both Forever Traxx and beastonleash.BIZ, the booking agency that this mix was made for, drive me absolutely wild. Both are consistent sources of unhinged, fascinating, exciting art. This playful affair is mostly pitched-up dancehall and glitter pop, but descends into a dark, heavy place near its close. Finally, Beyonce counts you out, as you fasten your seatbelt and bid farewell to the planet you had only just come to know.

BiGx The DJ – Azonto Invasion Mix (Vol. 2)


Azonto is a rising form of music and dance in Ghana with close ties to Jamaican dancehall. This is volume two of a crash course in what’s going on in Ghanaian pop music right now and it is a fucking blast. Perfect warm weather vibes with international optimism and African attitude all over it—”strictly GH.”