.ext e n s i o n. ESSENTIAL NET MIX: Massacooramaan

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massacooramaan aka dave quam aka david barnes

is someone we’ll be hearing about in the future. He’s a young producer/writer/photographer/active listener who’s managed to break through on all levels. His blog It’s After the End of the World has been highly regarded as a unique and creative salvage dive into a deep ocean of global rhythms. Over several recent years, his interactions with Chicago’s burgeoning footwork scene saw him propelled straight into the middle of it.

Producing now as Massacooramaan, he’s making some of the most interesting, energizing, and open bass music out there. Barnes is on a young but influential label called Fade to Mind, which was started by underground behemoth KINGDOM and features some of the most creative minds in deep dance, including NGUZUNGUZU, TOTAL FREEDOM and MIKEQ.

All this is to say, he just made a mix so good that it deserves to be heard now. Space, space, and so much deep space. I get the feeling most of these tracks were obtained by some kind of personal interaction, because searching them opens a rabbit hole of multilingual mp3 engines.

That doesn’t matter, though. This is the kind of thing you would feel pretty comfortable grooving to almost any place on the planet. Or maybe this is how they do it on some other planet where evolving riddims are made out of every diamond the earth ever shat. It’s that kind of advanced alien—but it tastes like earth soot and human blood. It’s imbued with the kind of transportive realness that can only come from true appreciation.

Barnes has tied it together with his own productions, or variations thereof, and he has no problem warping them to extremes for the good of the set. Allow yourself be refreshed and entranced and you may not even realize the thing has been on repeat. The whole experience beckons you into the global ghetto of dance, an invitation to explore. Come in spirits.