Welcome to .ext e n s i o n

Welcome to ***e x t e n s i o n***, or **.ext**, a new facet of Flagpole Magazine’s *Homedrone* blog.

Extension is a digital arm reaching out from nearby southern smoke and into the dense frontiers of the net. Taking direction from signals born both IRL and URL, **.ext** will map you an underground geography of data to explore.

Here, we will adjust our focus to the electronic side of life, bringing into view not only music and sound, but art, information, and ideas galvanic in nature. While the information presented may at times be locally inaccessible, it is not meant to remain bound by an LCD. We intend that the characters, artifacts, locales, and thoughts within be allowed to extend into your physical life.

This is first-gen extension. It is a model in formation, open to mutation. Expect full signal intrusions by local and global artists, meta profiles of creators new and old, multi-media interviews, exclusive tracks and mixes, classic gems, live performance broadcasts, geographical zooms, and some editorial omniscience.

“There was a german philosopher, Immanuel Kant, and he said there are two things that don’t have to mean anything; one is music and the other is laughter. Don’t have to mean anything that is, in order to give us very deep pleasure.” – John Cage

Stay tuned for the first installment of Hometeam Selector, an ongoing profile of local DJs.