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Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie Review

I wish I were a kid again, so I could have enjoyed Captain Underpants, a creative, well-performed take on superhero movies. But the adventures of BFFs George Beard (v. Kevin Hart, who would star in all animated movies were the world a perfect place) and Harold Hutchins (v. Thomas Middleditch) hates a bit too hard on all its adults to be an all-ages family film. The boys’ principal antagonist, Mr. Krupp (v. Ed Helms), is overwhelmingly obtuse, even when he transforms into the real-life version of the duo’s pantsless superhero, Captain Underpants, to battle Professor Poopypants (v. Nick Kroll). 

Subtlety is not an expected strong suit of a series boasting a hero clad in tighty whities. Kids, especially fans of the books, should have a blast; what do they care what the adults think? At least Captain Underpants is not a failed family film that lacks creativity or patronizes its target demographic.