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My Entire High School Sinking Into The Sea Review

A colorful, imaginative animated film, My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea resembles a motion comic come even more to life. Dash Shaw wrote and directed this animated teen comedy where high school is literally a disaster. 

After Dash (v. Jason Schwartzman) and his writing partner/best friend Assaf (v. Reggie Watts) are broken up by their editor, Verti (v. Maya Rudolph), Dash goes a little off the reservation. Then, the entire high school begins sinking into the sea, and a brave band of survivors, including Lunch Lady Lorraine (v. Susan Sarandon) and student council prez Mary (v. Lena Dunham), have to escape Poseidon Adventure style. 

Today’s teen audience devours graphic novels, and should get a blast out of this journey ripped directly from the pages of their daily experience, but with the drama turned up to 11. The stylistic visuals stray tres experimental à la J.J. Murphy in the final act, but the narrative holds onto the rope, surviving to its meta(ish) ending.