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The Boss Baby Review

An animated feature much more enjoyable than its trailers reveal, The Boss Baby takes full advantage of Alec Baldwin, whose entertainment value should never be underestimated. Seven-year-old Tim (v. Miles Bakshi) loves being an only child and having his parents’ love and attention all to himself. However, a suit-wearing, briefcase-carrying baby (v. Baldwin) shows up and monopolizes Tim’s parents. But the Boss Baby does not really want Tim’s parents, or a family at all; he is gunning for a promotion at Babycorp. All he has to do is win another battle in the war between puppies and babies. 

The entire movie probably takes place inside the overactive imagination of a 7-year-old, but as told by director Tom McGrath and writer Michael McCullers (based on the book by Marla Frazee), The Boss Baby is a lot of fun. McCullers, who wrote the last two adventures of Austin Powers, even sneaks in a couple of subtly subversive jokes for the adults in the crowd. The movie has a surprising amount of adult appeal, but might lead some precocious youngsters to ask some awkward questions about where babies come from. Still, The Boss Baby is a cute, funny, insightful, family-friendly look at babies and siblings that should resonate with plenty of viewers.