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Jackie Review

Natalie Portman shines, as expected, in what feels like an expanded one-woman show about Jackie Kennedy in the weeks following the assassination of JFK. While another movie about what might be the most overanalyzed event in American history seems unnecessary, Jackie at least looks at Nov. 22, 1963 from a unique perspective. Portman brings Jackie pre-O to life in spectacularly precise fashion; she absolutely nails her very precise diction. 

Don’t expect any wild revelations, but the film stylishly and entertainingly fills in some blanks on this seminal event; the fingerprints of producer Darren Aronofsky can be felt on Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larrain’s final product, which is not your typical biopic. Greta Gerwig’s appearance is a huge bonus as well. More than any other film about JFK’s assassination, Jackie brings the severity felt by those who lived through this brutal moment in time home for modern audiences.