Stream Eureka California’s Punchy New Single, ‘Wigwam’

Garage-rock duo Eureka California released one of the finest local albums of 2016 with the catchy, combustible Versus, and now the group is back with a three-song 7-inch single on longtime label HHBTM

The band has shared “Wigwam,” the single’s punchy namesake, which you can stream below:

The 7-inch, recorded by David Barbe at Chase Park Transduction, also features another new track, “Only Birds (No Feathers),” as well as a cover of Superchunk’s “Slack Motherfucker.” It’s available for $3 directly from HHBTM, which says all of its back-catalog singles are now $3, too:

By recording, mixing and mastering in one session, and by getting creative and DIY on the sleeve, both band and label can let [7-inches] sell for roughly cost. There was a time when labels used singles like an advertisement to get people to buy the full-length album. A promotional item. No one really thought of singles as something you do to make money.

Eureka California embarks on a mini-tour today that will take the group through middle Georgia—they’re at Macon’s Fresh Produce Music Hall tonight—and into the Sunshine State. They’re back in Athens with a show at Cine next Tuesday, Jan. 17.