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The Beatles: Eight Days a Week—The Touring Years Review

The Beatles are amazing. Ron Howard’s Beatles doc probably does not contain any information that will amaze die-hard fans, but they still will not want to miss the live performances and interviews that are included. 

Following the Beatles throughout the years they were touring (hence, The Touring Years), this documentary captures the band at its height. Pop success stories like the Beatles seem to recur monthly nowadays. But personalities like John, Paul, George and Ringo are one of kind, and the film reminds us how cheekily charming they were. 

Whether or not you love the Beatles, this doc is bound to spread their infectious backbeat. The only other film as likely to achieve this goal is the classic mockumentary A Hard Day’s Night. Be sure to check it out at Ciné (through Sept. 22) for exclusive footage from the landmark show at Shea Stadium.