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Sausage Party Review

This raunchy, funny but forgettable food farce from the This Is the End guys has a surprising depth thanks to a lesson on tolerance that might feel at home in “South Park.” A sausage named Frank (v. Seth Rogen) tries to find the answer to his existence and winds up questioning the central tenets in which all his food friends believe. Meanwhile, his hot-dog-bun girlfriend, Brenda (v. Kristen Wiig), a sexy taco (v. Salma Hayek) and a feuding bagel (v. Edward Norton) and lavash (v. David Krumholtz) are on the run from a villainous douche (v. Nick Kroll). 

The concept was obviously hatched under copious amounts of marijuana, but can be enjoyed completely sober. Be prepared for a super-bawdy coda that rivals Team America’s over-the-top puppet sex sequence. Know what you are in for if you accept the invitation to Sausage Party, and you should have a good time. And it should go without saying that you should not bring the kids.