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Dylan LeBlanc, Jim White

The son of a Muscle Shoals session musician, Dylan LeBlanc is linked innately to music. Still, he struggled with the attention his Americana stylings brought him at a young age. Ultimately, the turmoil brought LeBlanc home, and from that emerged the more adventurous sound of his 2016 record, Cautionary Tale. On his latest album, Renegade, LeBlanc grows more comfortable with his voice and continues to build out his sound. Backed by the Pollies, he explores rock and rebirth. Although the second track, “Born Again,” is the record’s cornerstone, LeBlanc’s internal struggles ring out strongly on “Sand and Stone,” with the lyric, “I killed the man I was/ And he ain’t comin’ back.” Jim White joins LeBlanc at The Foundry.