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Candidate for Oconee Sheriff Seeks Democrats’ Support

Photo Credit: Robert Wyatt

Jimmy Williamson speaks to Oconee County Democrats June 20.

Jimmy Williamson is running for Oconee County sheriff as a Republican, but he asked Democrats assembled at the party meeting last month to help him with his campaign.

“Anybody that wants to help me get my name out, and help people understand that I’m the most qualified candidate, I appreciate the help,” Williamson said.

The former University of Georgia police chief even asked those present to consider selecting the Republican ballot in the May 2020 primary and picking him because of his experience and leadership.

Williamson and James Hale are the only two announced candidates to succeed retiring Oconee County Sheriff Scott Berry, and both Williamson and Hale have said they plan to run as Republicans.

Williamson spoke briefly and then responded to questions that focused mostly on gun issues and school safety.

Williamson said he was disappointed that the state law does not require any safety training for those who apply for and receive a permit to carry a weapon and that he thinks arming teachers is a mistake.

The Oconee County Democrats will meet next at 6 p.m. on Aug. 15 at the Bogart Library Auditorium, where Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate Teresa Tomlinson will be the speaker.

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