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The Donkeys

To hear them tell it, San Diego’s laid-back Cali-rock foursome The Donkeys come from a place not unlike the one many a 20-something Athenian occupies—a place where afternoons are often idled away with boozing and where no one can quite decide if they want to stay forever or leave and never look back. The Donkeys have captured that way of life with their new record, Ride the Black Wave, an album whose carefree ethos and unhurried pacing belie its hooky and deliberate songcraft. The tunes, influenced by classic rock and (slightly) experimental folk, sound as if they’ve been passed through an auditory Instagram filter; they share a hazy, golden quality, like watching the sun set through a beer buzz. It’s as fitting a soundtrack for the lackadaisical Athens summer as you’re likely to find.

9 p.m.