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BeauSoleil avec Michael Doucet

There are a number of American places that can claim a culture both rich and distinct: Miami, Charleston, New Orleans. (Maybe good food is a part of the equation.) That last one is where BeauSoleil hails from, taking advantage of its musical roots while creating a melange of American styles all its own. Founded almost 40 years ago by brothers Michael (vocals, fiddle) and David Doucet (vocals, guitar), BeauSoleil has a repertoire of tunes numbering in the hundreds, from Cajun, Zydeco and New Orleans jazz to blues, bluegrass, Texas country, folk and more. Last year’s album, From Bamako to Carencro, maps the musical kinship between West Africa and Louisiana, engaging in lively explorations of overlapping and divergent heritage. The Melting Point is clearing out the tables it usually has in front of the stage to create a dance floor, so don’t make ’em move the furniture for nothing.