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Emancipator, Odesza, Real Magic

The young Seattle act Odesza is a production-based collaboration between Harrison Mills (Catacombkid) and Clayton Knight (BeachesBeaches). It’s a name that’s been bubbling up in the electronic underground, thanks largely to the influence of Colorado luminary Pretty Lights, whom Odesza has remixed (“One Day They’ll Know”) and toured with. But as one of the more complete, punctuated and melodically inspired practitioners of the often hazily indistinct indie pack, the group merits recognition in its own right. The topography of Odesza’s music evokes Purity Ring’s synth mountains as cut by hip hop technique, gorgeously suspended in the dreamy mist of the Relief in Abstract crew (Fortune Howl, XXYYXX). It’s state-altering, well crafted and utterly now.