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Cop City/ Chill Pillars, Mans Trash, The Dream Scene

South Florida has been oozing some of the most interesting garage-punk in recent years, but Palm Beach County’s Cop City/ Chill Pillars may be the strangest band to emerge with any prominence. For CC/ CP, it’s not enough to simply buck typical punk orthodoxy. The group’s stuff is so out there that it might as well resign itself to permanent outsider status—table for one, please. Since making some hot rumblings in Florida’s underbelly several years ago, the band’s dark, left-field sound has only plunged deeper into the rabbit hole. Its vaguely surf-y psychedelic punk rock has become incantatory and ritualistic, an altered state unto itself. Surprisingly, that individuality has attracted some national underground attention. Up close and in person is the best way to see what all the warped buzz is about.