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Alexis Ohanian

The co-founder of the popular Internet bulletin board reedit, Alexis Ohanian, announced a college-town book tour in September, and the alien bus is making its way to Athens. The event is hosted by Thinc. at UGA, an initiative that promotes entrepreneurship in Athens and at the university. Ohanian is promoting his book Without Their Permission, but there will be no author reading. Instead, Ohanian will pull from each college’s subreddit (you can find UGA’s at for his keynote speech topic. The goal is an AMA IRL (meaning ask me anything in real life, for those unfamiliar with reddit jargon). His book is “a blueprint and a rallying cry for the open Internet and entrepreneurship,” according to the tour’s announcement, and Ohanian will center discussion on what his generation has been capable of online. The official event will end with a book signing and networking mixer to open up discussion about entrepreneurship, but Ohanian wrote that he planned to end the night with a meetup (an IRL gathering of frequent posters, or redditors) at a “local watering hole” to be announced. This free event begins at 6 p.m.