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Humans of Athens: Dwain Segar


Photo Credit: Laura James

Inspired by the popular Humans of New York blog, Flagpole editorial interns Ryan Kor and Laura James are setting out to profile the people who make Athens, Athens. Check back every Tuesday for a new post.

WHO: Dwain Segar, radio host on WXAG 1470 and employee at J’s Bottle Shop, 52

Flagpole: Tell me about your involvement in the jazz industry?

DS: I have a radio show that airs three times a week, and I do a live jazz concert at the Melting Point once a month called the “Segar Jazz Affair.” Mar. 22 will be our 10th concert. Prior to moving here, I was doing jazz in New York. When I came here, I wanted some jazz, but I had to go to Atlanta to get it. So I said to myself, “We are going to stop that trend.” Now instead of going to Atlanta, Atlanta is coming to us for jazz.

FP: What other hobbies do you have?

DS: I am writing a kid’s play. It’s about kids of all colors. Kids don’t see color, they love color.