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Humans of Athens: Jihee Han, Pearl Kang, Yearim Kim

Photo Credit: Laura James

WHO: Jihee Han (left), 21, Pearl Kang (middle), 20, Yearim Kim (right), 21, UGA students

Flagpole: If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

Jihee Han: A sloth, because they sleep a lot. 

Pearl Kang: My dog, because every time I am sleeping or pulling an all-nighter, she’s just sleeping and eating. She has the life. 

Yearim Kim: I would be a manatee, because they are very magical. 

FP: What is your biggest goal in life?

JH: Making enough money so that I could send my parents somewhere to travel the world.

PK: Be happy, live with my parents and my family happily ever after.

YK: I want to provide dental care to children who have survived childhood cancer. After they have gone through chemotherapy, there is a lot of damage to their bones and teeth. 

FP: If you could wake up anywhere tomorrow, where would it be?

JH: Europe.

PK: Anywhere? New Zealand, or the Fjords in Norway. 

YK: I want to wake up in Hawaii, because my sister goes to school there.