Flagpole Premieres: Fake Flowers, ‘Don’t Cry, Kiddo’

Athens/Atlanta dream-pop trio Fake Flowers (full disclosure: Andy Barton, the band’s drummer, is an occasional Flagpole contributor) have tooled around the scene for some time, releasing the five-song Opaque Pop EP last summer, a slick set of jangly, melodic tunes that referenced Kevin Shields, Teenage Fanclub and The Feelies in equal measure. 

From the sounds of the group’s new single, “Don’t Cry, Kiddo,” which Flagpole is pleased to premiere today, Fake Flowers has gone full shoegaze, abandoning the power-pop tendencies of Opaque Pop in favor of an A Sunny Day In Glasgow-style blanket of psychedelic keyboard swirls and washed-out waves of surfy guitar. 

“Don’t Cry, Kiddo” appears on Fake Flowers’ upcoming Wonder Wave EP, out Mar. 24. Stream the song below:

Says Fake Flowers’ Jake Chisenhall of “Don’t Cry, Kiddo”:

“Kiddo” is a song written to console a loved one who was impacted by a rather personal trauma. Musically, the song was created using multiple layers of vocals and drum machines, as well as homemade samples such as sitars and audio clips from the film Valerie and Her Week of Wonders