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Movie Dope, 9/5/14: Ghostbusters, The One I Love and More

Here’s what’s new and noteworthy in Athens this week:

GHOSTBUSTERS (PG; showtimes): Good thing football has started, because Athens’ best bet at theaters this week is a 30-year-old comedy classic. Enjoy the adventures of Peter, Ray, Egon (R.I.P. Harold Ramis) and Winston again on the big screen.

THE ONE I LOVE (R; showtimes): A struggling couple, played by the exciting duo of Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss (Peggy!), are sent on a retreat by their therapist (Ted Danson). What happens there is so mysterious the trailer will not reveal it. I am intrigued by Charlie McDowell’s directorial debut, scripted by first-time feature writer Justin Lader.

THE IDENTICAL (PG; showtimes): I’m not as intrigued by The Identical. The musical drama takes the idea of Elvis, whose brother died in childbirth, and fictionally posits what might happen if the twins, separated at birth, diverged to become a rock and roll star and, well, not. The cast, including Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd, Seth Green and newcomer Blake Rayne, sounds better than the movie.

OTHER OPTIONS: If you missed out on Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, the excellently humorous film returns to the Tate Center Sept. 5–7 to give you another chance. Go see it. Don’t miss Athens PRIDE either, for which Gen Silent, Breaking Through and The New Black are screening.