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Live Blog: Georgia vs. LSU

Les Miles and No. 6 LSU come to Athens having won the last two against No. 9 Georgia, including an SEC Championship Game rout in 2011. Pundits are predicting an uncomfortably close game, with the home team a slight favorite.

The big story of the week, of course, is the return of LSU QB Zack Mettenberger to Athens. Mettenberger, a former Dawg, was in a starting quarterback battle with Aaron Murray (and the oft-forgotten Logan Gray) back in spring 2010, before an out-of-town incident at a bar got him kicked off the team. Interestingly enough, Mettenberger’s mother is a UGA football employee (though Mark Richt reportedly gave her the week off.)

Both teams look good as far as injuries go. Star running back Todd Gurley should be at 100 percent and ready to put up big numbers against a solid-but-exploitable LSU defense. It’s Georgia’s third top-10 matchup of the season so far; the Dawgs are 1–1 in those games and looking to improve.

Follow along as we live blog today’s action, and feel free to weigh in in the comments below.


Could the curse finally be broken? Most of ESPN’s “College GameDay” crew picks Georgia to win—except for Lee Corso, who holds up a sign someone made, which reads “Corso: Please Don’t Pick Georgia.” He dons the Tiger head and the crowd… cheers? This might be the first time that’s happened. (Also: see anyone you know?)


15:00: Georgia has the ball first, starting on their own 20.

14:11: It’s Gurley with a couple of nice gains. Dawgs near midfield.

12:30: Murray with a bullet to tight end Arthur Lynch to get inside the red zone. An illegal substitution penalty on LSU moves the ball up even further. GURLEY takes it inside the 10 yard line.

11:40: Murray with a perfect endzone pass to Michael Bennett for the TOUCHDOWN. Clockwork. UGA up 7–0 early. CALL IT THIS GAME IS OVER.

11:32: LSU will start from its 32 yard line after a nice return. Here comes the ‘berger.

10:14: UGA hit with an offsides penalty on a 3rd and 15 for LSU. Muttonburger hits Jarvis Landry for the first down.

8:53: Aaaaaaaaand LSU answers with a TD on a nice pass in the flat from Meltingbooger. WE’RE TIED UP, FOLKS.

8:00: Gurley with some decent movement to take the Dawgs to their 30. Blake just showed up. OH HI BLAKE. At least he brought hummus.

6:26: First incompletion of the game for Murray, as the ball is batted down bounces off the facemask of a defender. On 3rd and 10, he’s PICKED OFF by LSU’s Anthony Johnson. Not a good sequence for Georgia’s QB there.

5:00: Murtingfurger finds Jeremy Hill for a reception inside the 20. Another quick run and LSU’s got first and goal.

2:52: LSU touchdown, Misterblurger to Boone in the ‘zone. Los Tigres are up 14–7. CALL IT THIS GAME IS OVER.

2:45: Georgia starts from their 20. The way things are going, the next update will say TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA. (Fingers crossed.)

2:38: Not a TD, but Gurley with a very nice run up to the 45.

2:22: Another first down—Murray to Bennett again.

1:16: Keith Marshall gets in on the fun with a great run. Next play, Murray goes deep to Chris Conley for a GEORGIA TOUCHDOWN. Somebody get that man a Mongoose sub. We’re tied up again. Will every game this season be a shootout?

0:49: LSU starts the final drive of the quarter from their 26. Martinbinkler tosses incomplete. LSU takes a timeout on 2nd and 10.

0:33: After a false start penalty, Mittenburglar throws a nice completion for a first down and more. LSU’s in business. OH WHO WOULD HAVE THUNK IT. Blake it, take.


All right, this is FINALLY about to get good. Please don’t leave yet!

14:13: Nice start to the second half. LSU’s running back gets stuffed like Pizza Hut crust. MitzenTrapper incomplete pass, and the Bayou Bengals are forced to punt.

13:53: OH! Right through Wesley Scott-Justin’s fingers!

13:03: Three and out for Georgia. The GameDay Curse?

12:06: Drew takes down Metalgirders, and LSU gives it up.

11:09: Another long run for Gurley Deuce! But OH NOES it looks like he twisted his ankle. Marshall might have to step up. Time out, Georgia.

Aaron Murray = the next Drew Brees (with more hair)? They’re both short. Discuss.

10:21: Ugh. Gurley is “jogging with a noticeable limp,” Verne Lundquist informs us. But Marshall carries it up to LSU’s 28, then the 7! GURLEY WHO?

8:21: AAHHHH! On third-and-goal, Scott Wesley-Justin ALMOST made an amazing catch. Emphasis on “almost.” The field goal is good;  Georgia 17-14.

7:14: Beckham was WIDE OPEN there. Come on, Georgia secondary, what are you doing?

6:04: The front seven, on the other hand, is killing it. LSUX has like four rushing yards. Lineman Toby Johnson, unfortunately, is being helped off the field.

5:50: “Dontcha wonder?” Yes, Vern. Yes I do.

5:46: Chancellor Merkelberger to Beckham for a first down.

3:57: After picking his ear for awhile, Les Miles decides to go for a 48-yard field goal. Aaaaaand… it’s good? Wow. All tied up at 17.

3:46: Gurley is “gingerly favoring that ankle.” Great.

3:10: The ball was snapped and Murray said OH GOD WHAT WAS THAT and promptly dropped it. But on the next play, he connects with Conley for a first down.

2:00: CONLEY AGAIN comes back to the ball for a 30-yard gain down the sideline. AND NOW DAVIS with a 24-yard catch!

0:55: Murray overthrows Wesley John-Wesley in the end zone. The crowd wants interference, but that ball wasn’t catchable.

0:49: Another incomplete pass, and this time there is a flag. Georgia’s ball at the 2!

0:37: Marshall stopped just shy of the goal line. AND MURRAY PUNCHES IT IN! Does he have to do everything himself around here? Georgia 24-17.

0:20: OK, I’ve had just about enough of these Mad Max wannabes dancing to Soulja Boy.

0:13: Muttonchurner takes a knee, and that’s the half, folks. Gabe will be back shortly. Be nice.


15:00: Gurley is out for the rest of the game with a bum ankle. GREAT NEWS.

14:29: LSU drives it to midfield. Georgia’s defense needs to STEP UP 2: THE STREETS.

13:25: Another Tigers first down. That was not STEPPING UP 2: THE STREETS, Dawgs.

11:51: Les Miles takes a weird timeout on 3rd and 1 at the Georgia 30. Then again, most things Les Miles does are sorta weird.

11:35: Tigers get the first down, but barely.

11:00: Verne Lundquist experiences some confusion re: the numbers 4 and 14. HANG IN THERE VERNE.

10:11: Another 3rd and short for LSU. But Melt-Banana badly overthrows his receivers. FOURTH DOWN LSU. It’s a 39-yard attempt for Delayyoussesneisesgrhnoeart, and it’s good. 24–20 Dawgs.

9:44: Georgia starts from its 21.

9:20: “When you see Chris Conley, you think of this play,” Verne says before showing footage of the final play from the SEC Championship Game and STOP IT VERNE YOU TORTURER.

8:16: LOOONG COMPLETION for Conley. What a catch. The dude has more than redeemed himself today alone for the aforementioned snafu.

6:42: It’s a 55-yard attempt for Marshall Morgan and he NAILS IT. Career long. “My goodness,” says Gary Danielson. “My GRACIOUS,” says Verne. 27–20 Georgia.

5:24: Mercyflirter hits a wide open receiver for a solid gain. Georgia’s defense is struggling.

3:40: False start on LSU’s left guard. On 3rd and 9, Metalfucker with ANOTHER wide open receiver for an easy touchdown. Tied up once again, 27–27. CALL IT THIS GAME IS OVER.

3:06: Georgia starts from the 20. Murray with an incompletion to Conley on 1st down.

3:01: Another incompletion to Conley—obvious interference there. The refs aren’t calling ANYTHING. Literally.

2:47: Georgia punt. LSU’s returner has the ball bounce right off his facemask and GEORGIA RECOVERS. HOLY SHITS. UGA ball at the LSU 20.

1:33: False start on Wustin Josh-Skesley. Next play, Murray throws to a WIDE OPEN Bennett in the endzone. TOUCHDOWN DAWGS. 34–27.

1:21: LSU starts from its 30. It’s time to STEP UP 3D.

0:17: First down LSU on a Megaburner pass to Beckham. That’ll do it for the third quarter. BLAKE IS BACK. Tell him you love him.


The grill is lit. Will we feast to our epic victory or annihilate ourselves in the flames of shame and regret?

15:00: Two minutes until Ole Miss-Alabama kicks off. Let’s move it along, guys.

13:33: WHEW. Georgia lucked out when the ball squirts out of LSU tight end Dickson’s hands.

13:27: Karma’s a bitch. Jenkins almost had a pick there.

13:19: Crap. DOUBLE KARMA. Landry with a 25-yard catch in traffic.

12:17: Hilliard walks into the end zone like it ain’t no thang. Just out for a stroll. Tied up at 34.

Dang, now Verne is dissing Joe Cox. Easy, Verne. Please don’t remind us. Gary Danielson is abhored.

11:10: Kolton Houston frees up Conley for a first-down catch. I’m unilaterally declaring his nickname to be “Con Air.”

10:02: Marshall tripped up short of the first down. Fourth-and-two, TV timeout.

9:27: Richt channels his inner Tommy Tuberville and goes for it… AND THEY GOT IT! Justin Wesley-Snipes! And a roughing-the-passer flag gives Georgia the ball at LSU’s 14.

9:02: Uh, I have no idea what happened there.

OH! Conley almost had a touchdown. Just a bit high.

8:16: First and 10 at the 14, and all Georgia gets is a field goal. 37-34. How will Mettenbulghur respond?



7:18: AGAIN!

6:40: Once again, Les Miles with the great clock management skills. But it doesn’t matter. Macklemoreberger to Beckham for a first down.

4:14: Four straight completions for Meatyburger. LSU goes from third-and-23 to a touchdown. I’d say Georgia’s defense is bad, but I’m not sure it actually exists. Are they holograms?

2:39: Green? Who? Whatever, he got a first down!

1:47: TOUCHDOWN FORD MADOX FORD JUSTIN SCOTT-WESLEY! 44-41 Georgia! But lots of time left for Medalburner.

1:42: Where is this Watkinville you speak of?

1:26: Hi, Mr. Middlebrother. I’m Jordan Jenkins. Let me introduce you to my friend, the ground.

1:23: Of course. Middenbreather to Beckham for the first down. Where you at, Dawg secondary?

0:58: As soon as I say that, three straight incompletes. Fourth down. This could be the ballgame.

0:52: LSWHO?!?!?!? Georgia ball, Georgia win! GO CRAZY, FOLKS! (But not too crazy, or you’ll end up in the blotter.)

0:00: Mark Richt has SO MANY FEELS. And we do, too. So, it’s time to (voice cracks) sign off. God bless us everyone on this blog!