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Live Blog: Georgia vs. South Carolina

Will Todd Gurley play? Please God yes.

Steve Spurrier and South Carolina come into Athens today ranked sixth in the country and hoping to win their fourth straight against the Dawgs. Georgia looks to bounce back after a tough loss to Clemson last week, a game in which star running back Todd Gurley strained a quad muscle (and WR Malcolm Mitchell was lost for the season with a celebration-related injury). However, all signs point toward Gurley being available to play in today’s matchup.

Below, follow along as we live blog the action, and feel free to weigh in in the comments.


9:28: The Gamecocks drive down the field with relative ease against a shaky-looking Georgia defense, but UGA manages to only give up the field goal. The terrifying Jadeveon Clowney and the South Carolina D up next. Last week against North Carolina, a very fatigued Clowney looked like a shadow of himself. It’ll be interesting to see how much action he can sustain in today’s game.

8:13: Gurley’s in (thank Christ), and running hard. On the third play of the drive, Murray airs it out to Michael Bennett for a huge gain. Gurley takes it into the end zone for what is initially ruled a Georgia TD, but on review it’s confirmed he stepped out of bounds just shy of the goal line. No matter, Murray finds Arthur Lynch in the endzone for six. WHO’S SCARED?

8:13: Hi, it’s Blake. My computer is working about as well as Florida’s offense…

7:00: Georgia ONSIDE KICKS it and recovers. Brass Balls, Richt.

5:10: With the loss to Clemson, Aaron Murray is now 1-11 against top 10 teams. Discuss.

4:15: Georgia goes for it on 4th and 13 (BRAZZ BALLZ RICKT) and Murray finds Justin Scott-Wesley for the first down.

2:51: Field goal, Georgia. 10-3 Dawgs.

1:01: Georgia’s D is now looking a lot stauncher than it did on the first drive, forces the punt.


14:48: Aaaand Gurshall Marshall scampers for 28 yards down to the Gamecocks’ 46.

12:22: Marshall slinks into the end zone for another quick six. This is almost too easy. What sort of black majick are you working, Spurrier? 17-3 DAWGS.

9:29: South Carolina QB Connor Shaw shows off his legs with a terrific run, Gamecocks down inside the Georgia 25.


7:07: After a dropped touchdown pass and a fourth-down conversion, South Carolina puts it in the end zone. 17-10 Dawgs. (As an aside, I’d like to note that Gabe has on a Georgia T-shirt. You gonna wear that down to Caledonia tonight, fanboy?)

7:07: Erin Andrews just explained that Jadeveon Clowney isn’t out of shape, it’s just that he played EVERY SINGLE DOWN of the first quarter. Because, whew. Football players sure aren’t used to that.

5:14: Georgia’s punter, Collin Barber, bobbles the snap and has to fall on it. South Carolina has the ball at Georgia’s 18. THIS IS NOT GOOD.

5:07: One snap and a point-after later, we’re all tied up. 17-17. COLLIN THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT. HIDE YOUR FACE IN SHAME.

4:22: Georgia’s driving, and a SC defender’s down on the field near the Georgia sideline, which is “the last place you’re gonna fake an injury,” says the commentator. But doesn’t that actually seem like a very Steve Spurrier thing to do?

1:42: Gurley beats all the Cocks and bursts into the end zone! Guess that faked injury backfired, right, Spurrier? Collin can maybe stop sobbing on the sidelines now. 24-17 Dawgs.

1:38: Wow. ESPN is really in love with Mama’s Boy. Chocolate cake for breakfast? Uh, it’s 6 p.m., guys.

0:55: “Is South Carolina really top-tier anything?” Blake asks in response to the USC commercial. (This is the guy who went to school in MISSISSIPPI.)

0:13: MOTHERFUCK A DUCK. Shaw with a perfect pass to a decently covered receiver in the end zone. Tie game at the half. We’ve got a shootout on our hands, folks.


14:06: Georgia starts the second half with a three-and-out. Also, Blake has fired up the grill. WANGZ. They will either be WANGZ OF EXULTATION or WANGZ OF DESPAIR, depending on the outcome of this game.

11:12: The Cocks go for it on 4th and 5 and get the first down, except NO NEVER MIND Shaw fumbles the shit out of the ball and Georgia recovers. The Dawgs have to win the turnover game to come out on top in this one.

9:37: Our boy Chris Conley gets wrapped up for no gain.

8:03: AND DOWN GOES MURRAY. But backup kicker Beless (drunk boater guy is suspended) makes a field goal. 27-24 Dawgs. Should’ve had seven there.

6:19: Cocks receiver Bruce Ellington loses the ball in the sun on third down, Carolina has to punt. Thanks, sun! You’re the best.

4:48: Ughhh. Come on, Davis. Even Gabe could’ve caught that. BUT WAIT! Conley! First down!

1:17: Clowney was “part of the tackle” on Gurley inside the 15, say the ESPN commentators, who are desperate to make No. 7, who has been quiet for most of the game, part of the narrative. Also, Georgia tackle Kenarious Gates is hurt. Not good.

0:18: Gurley with the TD RECEPTION! This man can play any position. Georgia up 34-24 nearing the fourth quarter.

0:12: NONONONONONONOOOOOO!11!!!!1 Mike Davis runs for 74 yards, down to about the five-yard line. Georgia’s about to give part of its lead back.


13:55: And it’s Davis in for the touchdown. BUT. The extra point swings wide left. Could be huge in this game. 34-30 Dawgs.

13:00: On a GINORMOUS third-and-13, Murray finds the inimitable Justin Scott-Wesley (who has three first names, BTW) for a long touchdown. Extra point is good, ’cause that’s how we roll. 41-30 Georgia.

11:02: The announcer says Georgia is more susceptible to fatigue because Carolina hasn’t played since a week before Thursday. Yeah, tell that to Clowney.

8:28: HUNKER DOWN! Connor Shaw led a long drive, but Georgia stuffed Davis at the goal line on third down, then again on fourth. There’s a flag (unnecessary roughness on the defense) so Georgia gets the ball back about two inches closer to their own goal line.

6:44: A little GURLEY-ON-GURLEY ACTION (you’re welcome) as Carolina’s T.J. Gurley tackles Georgia’s Todd Gurley. And really, that’s the best you’re gonna get out of this live blog, so you can probably stop reading now. (Don’t stop reading.)

2:42: It’s wangz of exultation, I guess. Georgia picks up a first down, which is pretty much the ballgame. GO CRAZY, FOLKS! Murray finally won the big game, and ESPN named him the “Game Changer” for his four-TD performance.

0:00: That’s it. Game over. Dawgs on top. 41-30. Party in the streets. Go (or stay) downtown. See Butch Walker. See Black Nerd. Thanks for reading!