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This Is Your Brain on Dragon Con

Photo Credit: David Schick

It took me six hours to come up with that headline.

I’m merging into day two of Dragon Con, and it’s fair to say that my thought process has become non-existent. I’m surviving solely on my nerd instincts and a truck load of vanilla lattes.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been here a mere 63 hours (yes, I had to count that on my fingers). And only seven of those hours could be considered “down time.” For those who’ve never been to Dragon Con, it’s a well known fact that there’s no sleeping at the Con—just trust me, there isn’t. As I write this, it’s 5:49 in the morning.

Usually you want to “stock up” on sleep the week before the con, but my unfortunate work ethic had me waking up at six every morning this past week. Forming coherent sentences became difficult for me on Friday morning, which is way too early for your synapses to be misfiring. 

It could just mean I’m getting old, but I’d rather believe that it was just inadequate preparation. This year the con just snuck up on me (crouching tiger, hidden dragon… con).

Plus, it’s hard to resist taking photographs of the scantily clad women at Dragon Con’s hallmark Saturday night rave.

This morning, I woke up early just for you. Yes you, the Flagpole reader. I positioned myself at the Dragon Con parade with my camera to give you a better insight into what Dragon Con actually is. And the photo gallery is below.

Because I’m a seasoned veteran (this is my ninth year going), I know all the tips and tricks like the 3-2-1 rule: three hours of sleep at night, two meals a day and one shower a day. 

It won’t be long before it’s 9 a.m.—when I plan to wake up—so it’s time to sign off for now.

… Wow, did my blog actually make sense?