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Mr. Blank’s Carnivale of Black Hearts Returns to Athens Monday

If you’ve never seen the film version of Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes, go rent it and watch it. Right now. I’ll wait. Okay, now that you’re back, that scene where the entire town is galvanized by the approach of the train bringing the dark carnival into their midst?

That’s what you’re feeling right now as Athens’ own phantasmagoria returns to town to barter for your soul. After a year’s hiatus, Mr. Blank’s Carnivale of Black Hearts is back with old favorites and some new blood in a show they’re calling “The Fool’s Revival.”

I’ve wanted to plug the Carnivale for some time, as they bring a heady mix of goth and vaudeville to their often disturbing but always entertaining shows, but I’m especially excited about this one. Not only will there be bellydancing, fire-spinning and Mr. Blank’s trademark geekery with sharp metal objects, but from all reports there will be hula-hoop gymnastics, a dead ballerina, and clowns fighting mimes for your amusement.

In addition, the band North and South is playing, as the De Lux Interiors have canceled. This will be a solid night of seedy, seamy fun.

“The Fool’s Revival” goes on at Flicker on Monday, Apr. 1 (appropriately), at 8 p.m.