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Dogs of Instagram: These Local Pups Are Social Media Stars

Anyone who knows Athens can vouch for its dog-friendly nature. There are countless restaurants, bars, parks and public spaces where pups are not only welcome, but encouraged to join their owners. It’s only fitting, then, that the doggos of Athens are represented in the world of social media, as well. Here are some of the fur-forward Instagram stars who best represent the spirit of the Classic City.

Spicy the Chihuahua

Instagram: @ya_girl_spicy
Followers: 461

In the words of Spicy, “fewer legs, fewer problems.” Spicy is a 1-year-old, two-legged chihuahua who won’t let anything hold her back from having a good time. Her favorite Athens adventures are going on walks on the trails at Memorial Park and going to the Athens Farmers Market on the weekends. She takes most of her adventures with her mom, Amelia Hammond.


Dottie Waffles

Instagram: @dottie_waffles
Followers: 499

With her spots, underbite and expressive eyebrows, Dottie is one of the most recognizable pups in Athens. Dottie has two sisters whom she loves to play and nap with. She was rescued from Paws Atlanta, the oldest non-kill shelter in Georgia, just weeks ago. Ever since, she has been loving her new life. Find her likeness on this week’s Flagpole cover!


George Henry

Instagram: @georgehenrythepug
Followers: 86

George Henry is best described as a dawg, through and through. George is owned by Athens resident Calli Blocker, who adopted George while she was a student at UGA. George and Calli’s favorite thing to do together is to go to Terrapin on a sunny day, where George can make friends and run around while his mom drinks a cold beer.



Instagram: @axl_thepup
Followers: 99

Axl is a 2-year-old rescue who likes to sleep all day, stare out the window, take long walks on the beach and just generally look dang cute. Axl enjoys running around at the intramural fields in Athens and meeting other pups. He was adopted at 7 months old by Athens resident Derren Harwell.



Instagram: @elwoodthedoog
Followers: 217

When Elwood isn’t at home, he is doing what he does best: protecting Athens’ right to a free press. Not only does he provide endless love, support and smiles to the Flagpole staff, but he also protects the building from intruders, both human and canine. Elwood was adopted from Athens Canine Rescue by our own Anna LeBer six years ago, and he has been making his mark all over Athens ever since.


Captain the Future Guide Pup

Instagram: @eyeeyecaptain
Followers: 947

Captain is being raised by local Amanda Dowling for the Guide Dog Foundation. He is a golden retriever who loves adventuring around Athens, treats and hanging out with his sibling, a black German shepherd named Argos. Captain loves going to the dog park and playing with his friends on campus. Captain was adopted by Dowling in December, after her last pup, Max, went on to his next level of training.