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  • Jittery Joe's Releases Kishi Bashi's 'Royal Daark' Blend

    Kishi Bashi signs cans of Royal Daark.JPG

    Photo Credit: Barbette Houser

    Kishi Bashi signs cans of Royal Daark

    As I wandered lazily towards Hendershot’s last Saturday morning, I assumed I would be able to score a seat for the 10 a.m. performance by Kishi Bashi. As it turned out, I was lucky to be able to even squeeze through the door. Hundreds of young Athenians had turned out for the performance by the experimental musician. The show was a celebration of "Royal Daark," a new collaboration between Bashi and Jittery Joe’s. The free coffee samples added to the attraction of the event.


  • The Belk Bowl (?) and Why Georgia's Going There, Explained

    Todd Grantham Wes Blankenship.jpg

    Photo Credit: Wes Blankenship

    We will have our revenge, Todd Grantham, in this life or the next.

    Well, it beats Shreveport.

    Georgia fans, of course, are complaining about having to go to scenic Charlotte, NC, to play what they feel is an inferior team, No. 21 Louisville, in the Belk Bowl, which is a thing I, like many, only found out exists yesterday.

    The Belk Bowl, founded in 2002, doesn't really have a prestigious pedigree, with past matchups featuring such national powerhouses as Boston College versus Navy and Pittsburg versus North Carolina. But it gained new prominence this year when the NCAA instituted a four-team playoff. Under the new system, there are six top-tier bowls and six second-tier bowls.

    So how did Georgia end up in this Belk Bowl? Like everything else in college football, it's illogical, arbitrary, arcane and complicated to the point of being incomprehensible.


  • Athens Arcana Arrives at ATHICA


    Photo Credit: Barbette Houser

    Claire Clements with her work ,"The Empress"

    Thankfully, the Knight of Cups landed on the table as Sarah Pattison did a tarot reading for me at the recent opening for "Athens Arcana: A Contemporary Tarot" at ATHICA. The knight and a glass of wine made it a little more palatable when death showed up a couple of cards later. “Oh, that can just mean the end of a life cycle or a relationship,” Pattison cooed reassuringly. She was one of three "mystics" at the event offering divine futures.


  • Check Out Photos and Video from the Parade of Lights


    The Downtown Parade of Lights last night featured more than 60 floats, among them Monsoon rockin' out on the Flagpole/40 Watt Club/AthFest Educates: Athens Music float. But the talk of the town was Victory Chapel's rappers and crucified Jesus. (The church is best known for its legendary "rotisserie Jesus" float a few years back.)

    Here are more photos from Flagpole intern Randy Schafer:


  • Avid Bookshop Hosts The Local Stranger and Bloodkin

    William Tonks with James Calemine.JPG

    Photo Credit: Barbette Houser

    William Tonks and James Calemine at Avid.

    Avid Bookshop’s main entrance next to Fire Hall No. 2 on Prince Avenue was blocked off with amps, guitars and music stands last Friday night. The backdoor, however, was wide open and beckoned visitors in with a warm glow, a table of food, smiling employees who appear to genuinely like their jobs, and the tentative sound of guitars in the background. A cozy, truly local experience was offered as one of the last remaining independent bookstores hosted a reading by writer James Calemine.


  • Classic City Rollergirls Off-Season Update


    Photo Credit: Bill Ruhsam/Flickr

    It has been a busy off-season for the Classic City Rollergirls. The team has elected a new captain (Louis Strongarm) and once again endured attrition, losing important members of the 2014 squad to retirement (Amy T. Ville) and the Division I league in Atlanta (Human Missile Crisis and High Jinxx). Those are tough skates to fill. 


  • Beauty Everyday and Condor Chocolates Visit BMA at Home

    Breckyn Alexander wants BMA to be 'an experience store'..JPG

    Photo Credit: Barbette Houser

    Breckyn Alexander wants BMA at Home to be "an experience store."

    In what seems like an ongoing quest to bring a little creativity and local color into the sometimes staid Five Points neighborhood, BMA at Home hosted yet another party on Thursday, Nov. 20. This time the guests of honor were other small, local businesses: Beauty Everyday and soon to open Condor Chocolates.


  • Yawn. Athens Made Another Best-Of List

    downtown web.jpg

    Another day, another list.

    This time, it was Travel & Leisure that named Athens one of "America's Best College Towns." in an attempt to get poor saps like me to reblog it and reap the clickbaity benefits. Here's their totally generic description of our city (R.E.M. blah blah Bulldogs blah blah lotsa bars) that could have been written by anyone with 15 minutes and an Internet connection.


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