Lord JaH-Monte Ogbon, Cassie Chantel, Motorhead2x, Carlos LeShawn

Ciné Athens, GA, United States

8 p.m. $10. www.facebook.com/happynomadbooking

LORD JAH-MONTE OGBON Charlotte-based gritty, soulful hip-hop artist.

CASSIE CHANTEL Local recording hip-hop artist with a soulful sound touching on political and introspective themes.

MOTORHEAD2X Athens rapper with a story to tell that still knows how to start a party.

CARLOS LESHAWN Rapper emphasizing seductive wordplay, bespoke melodies and authenticity.

Artist Reception

Ciné Athens, GA, United States

Meet the artists behind the Elephant 6 art show, view a new interactive installation and enjoy a potluck buffet. 5–8 p.m. FREE! www.athenscine.com

Buck n Stuff, Straightjacket Strippers, Deaf Condors, Cowboy Kerouac & The Barebacks

Ciné Athens, GA, United States

9 p.m. (doors), 10 p.m. (show). $10. www.athenscine.com

BUCK N STUFF Self-described as "a potentially-serious, arguably-important Buck Owens tribute band."

STRAIGHTJACKET STRIPPERS Sludge noise band straight from the depths of the sex shop psych ward.

DEAF CONDORS Experimental garage-rock group with a genre-bending sound anchored by Peruvian brothers Bob Jesus and Darrick Alvarez.

COWBOY KEROUAC & THE BAREBACKS Athens queer anarcho cowpunk.