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Buzz Hungry

David Barbe

“Little League baseball is the punk rock of sports,” says David Barbe, before launching into a screed about the politics of Athens youth ball. He should know; he’s spent many summers as a coach.

It’s amazing he found the time. Aside from running his studio, Chase Park Transduction, Barbe is in charge of UGA’s Music Business Program (MBUS). Oh yeah, and he rocks, too. From his days with Mercyland to his time with Bob Mould’s Sugar and his current group, The Quick Hooks, he’s one busy dude.

This Saturday, Barbe and the other members of Buzz Hungry—Marc Tissenbaum, Eric Sales and Brooks Carter—will reunite for the first time in over 15 years. The band’s two LPs, Fried Like a Man and At the Hands of Our Intercessors, are full of high-octane fuzz-rock. In its heyday, Buzz Hungry existed in the spaces between Barbe’s other ventures. It’s back because MBUS student Wyatt Pless wanted more.

“He had heard the records, and asked me if Buzz Hungry would ever consider playing a show,” Barbe says.

Bandmembers commissioned youngsters Grass Giraffes, New Madrid and Velocirapture (which features Barbe’s son, Winston) to join the bill. Speaking of his sons—Winston also plays in Neck (formerly k i d s); Henry, in Dozen Eggs—Barbe is effusive.

“It’s not something I ever pushed on them. But I love that they do this. I love that I like their bands, genuinely… I enjoy sneaking out and standing in the back of the club, watching them play.”

On Saturday, it will be the other way around. For this veteran, there are still nerves. “We might just get totally shown up, and faceplant,” he says with a grin.

Buzz Hungry will have a new batch of recordings available at the show. Well, new old recordings: The group will release the completed portion of its unfinished third album in EP form. Whether it will continue after this one-off remains to be seen—though Barbe is not one to stay still.

“Not having enough to do seems kinda depressing to me. I like having a lot to do.”