Slackpole Poetry Corner

continue hum
By Steve Piazza

pick a number
say, 2017
none more or less appreciable about its location
even sequentially trifling perhaps
certainly intrinsically challenged
in and of itself

as all numbers
simply in universes of complex minds
yet lolling through infinite possibilities
tried and untried
true as nothing
innocent of intentions


volition brings spoils
via the tempestuous information
mis and/or not
quantity as quality
poll to data to byte to utterance
nonetheless information
before during after
rallies of
ready to die for
right to free speech

two sides to every story
is actually four eight and so on
not even counting those in and out
until multiple perspectives
paralyzed canceled out
arrive broken as ratings

as if shouting the loudest
confirms veracity
and that words are greater than actions


pick a number
any number

Dragons And Moonbeams
By Bert O. Richmond

Medieval Chinese, so their literature relates
revered the dragon
denoting strength and good luck
still today the dragon symbolizes
the imperial in China.

Control, power, and wealth
reign supreme in the minds
not just of Chinese;
lies, deception, money
let’s make a deal!

Power, money, parade as success
indulging what honor abhors
but that makes me smart
if you accept my deceit.
Believe me!

Ignorance, bombast, false promises
may delude those who fear,
soothe a troubled mind,
but cannot survive
the light of transparency.

Now the darkness fades away
lighted by moonbeams
of a new realization
resistant to the allure of power.

Moonbeams of sharing and love                               
for all our universe contains
plant life, all life, the air we breathe
messages we send infused by wisdom,
science, and caring
preserving the universe we share.

Do we choose moonbeams
or rather prefer dragons                  
do we seek power                            
or insights of enlightenment           
a search for gold                             
a quest for companions                   
different journeys                          
each person may choose.                                                   
The world is too dangerous
for dragons
but moonbeams do light
the way forward
to sharing our universe
as moonbeams of friendship
shine brightest.

God’s Refreshment
By Donnie Ellington II

There’s a door that opens;
right after Christmas ends.
That leads to another New Year;
new hopes and dreams begin.

Our plans to change our lives;
looking back on all our sorrow.
Here’s our chance to start afresh,
preparing ourselves for tomorrow.

We say we’ll stop, we say we’ll quit,
let’s make a bucket list.
I say the same things every year,
and right now they still exist.

Truth is, I need a change of heart;
to put old things away.
It’s faith in God and trust in him
that makes everything okay.

With God all things are possible,
for those who believe it’s true.
Now old things are passed away;
behold all things become new.