Hear Holiday Tunes From Powerkompany, Shehehe, Gumshoe

‘Tis the season—for Slackpole! But before we let readers take over the joint and head out for our annual holiday break, here’s a local selection of two local videos and a brand-new song guaranteed to put you in the Christmas spirit.

First, there’s this schmancy new clip from Powerkompany, for the previously released tune “I’m Sorry About Last Christmas.” The band’s Marie Davon says, “I worked with a few crew members of ‘Stranger Things,’ including their director of photography, Bob Gorelick, and their costumer, Karen Freed. Karen and I came up with [the] concept, which she directed. We tried to channel Dario Argento lighting/feeling and maybe some ‘Twin Peaks’ Audrey-dancing… to give the song its appropriate dark Christmas feel.”

Check it:

Next up is Shehehe’s video for “Wet Xmas,” a pummeling pop-punk jammer from the band’s latest and greatest, Endless Summer. It’s about “missing the ocean and wanting to spend Christmas at the beach,” which, I can totes relate:

Finally, here’s a sprightly new number from Gumshoe, whose Andy Dixon has penned a cheery anti-Trump holiday tune, featuring a last-ditch plea to Saint Nick to hand down some yuletide punishment to the beleaguered prez:  

Happy holidays, Athens!