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Co-Ops Are the Answer

Even though it is early in the race, I would like to call on all Democratic candidates to voice their support for the cooperative model across all industries. So many Americans are facing uncertain economic futures, and co-ops have the potential to be the answer. As democratically governed businesses owned by the people who use them, co-ops have the best interests of their members in mind and work to empower people in their communities.

I manage Daily Groceries Co-op here in Athens. Daily was established in 1992, and we continually strive to meet the needs of our community and our members. Our triple bottom line of people/planet/profit ensures all our business decisions are deeply considered. We work to be a part of the sustainable growth of Athens. We believe this model is a more equitable and mission-driven approach to business.

We are part of the 65,000 co-op establishments nationwide that are each contributing to sustainable, inclusive economic development. They are an integral part of rising to meet challenges that range from rural connectivity and clean energy to affordable housing and food access.

In a recent open letter, the National Cooperative Business Association asked candidates running for president to recognize the cooperative business model as a tool for the economic success and self-determination of their constituents. Already, they are in conversations with six campaigns. We urge you to publish this letter and add Daily Groceries’ voice to this call to view co-ops as a powerful policy solution.