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A Modest Proposal to Give Corporations Voting Rights

Seeking to outdo the conservative group that for years has been promoting draconian state and federal legislation (ALEC), a new voice has arisen on the radical right—the UUD—poised to be the new touchstone for Republican candidates everywhere. The UUD (Unconcerned, Unfeeling and Disconnected) seeks to suppress voting rights of the poor, prevent them having greater access to health care and aggressively promote the political power of corporations willing to help fund the “right” political campaigns.

Its latest legislative proposal is to allow corporations broader political power than that afforded by the Citizens United victory allowing them unrestricted contributions to election campaigns. The most sweeping initiative proposed thus far is to introduce a voting system that not only allows corporations to enjoy their full rights as “persons” by casting ballots, but by making each ballot count in proportion to the net wealth of the entity casting it. This would happily have the effect of giving full control of our electoral system to the corporations belonging to the Fortune 500 and the wealthiest 1,000 families in America. The rest of the voting population would count for far less than 15 percent of the potential votes in any election. And, as corporate America literally resides everywhere in the United States, they would have the vote in every single state, county and municipal election.

What a bold vision! All power to the real “job creators,” who would then be able to devote their energies to enhancing the profits of the few at the expense of everyone else—”Making America Truly Great!”